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Efficient tool to participate in multiple choice exams and quizzes remotely
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Zaref zLearn Student works seamlessly with zLearn Teacher in an efficient and easy-to-use SRS, a Student Response System. Using a client-server architecture, this utility allows you to connect to the Teacher module (the “server”) and take exams, quizzes, and surveys remotely. It supports both Ethernet and wireless connections, and provides examinees with a simple and intuitive “client” interface to help them submit their responses easily and efficiently.

Clearly, zLearn Student has been designed to meet the needs of all possible users. As this tool can be used in many different environments (classrooms, meeting rooms, small conferences...) and for many different purposes (examinations, surveys, quizzes, polls...), the Student interface needed to be as simple and clear as possible. Thus, it provides you with just the functionality required to connect to the Teacher module, take the examinations or quizzes proposed, and submit the results. No unneeded settings (you are only allowed to change the color combination of the interface) or unnecessary features have been added, resulting in a straightforward and “right to the point” kind of tool.

The program will not open unless a teacher is connected and has a session open. On the contrary, if more than one teacher is available, you will be asked to choose the right one from a list. Once you are connected to the right teacher, the program will stay in stand-by mode until an exam or quiz is released. This will appear in a separate window, showing you the first question (and its possible answers) and a clock ticking backwards. Once you have answered all the questions (or have run out of time), you will be asked to submit your responses to the teacher. After that, your “client” will go back to stand-by mode, waiting for a new exam to be released.

As described, the entire process could not be simpler and more intuitive. And what is more – it can hardly be more efficient.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Seamless integration with the Teacher module
  • Allows students to choose among the connected teachers
  • Clear and intuitive interface


  • No records are kept of the quizzes submitted
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